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    Lightroom CC and photo merge HDR -- goes through the motions, but produces no file

    E. Seale (SSP) Level 1

      So I'm admittedly new to Lightroom CC (moved nearly 60K files in from Aperture), and am seeing an odd behavior when I try to use the built-in HDR capability.


      I pick some files in a stack (all shot using the HDR bracketing function of my camera, so they're taken a fraction of a second apart), right-click for Photo Merge > HDR (or via the keyboard ^H) -- I get the HDR dialog, click on "Merge", and the progress bar moves as expected.


      But when the fireworks are over, there's no new HDR file to be seen.  Any idea what's going on, and what I can do about it?



      After perusing my hard drive, it seems that the HDR file is being created -- but not added to my Lightroom CC catalog.  I'm pretty sure this still isn't the normal behavior (I hope)!