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    how to change hyperlink destinations

    Becky from MN
      Hi, I would like to have a different setting for the hyperlink destination for two layouts. For one layout I want the links to open in a new window; for the other layout I want the links to open in the same window. Is there a way I can change the link destinations for the entire project; or is the only option change each link individually? Thanks, Becky
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          From what I can work out you have two options - well three if you include amending the links individually. My favoured method would be to have two links and use build tags for each one and assign these to your layouts. The other method would be use a find and replace tool (e.g. FAR. You can go into the truecode to see the syntax required to be found and replaced. But before you do anything with a find and replace tool, take a backup of your project.