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    HSL color doesn't match HEX I entered when changing an object's color.


      Hi everyone,

      I'm changing the color of an image. When I type in the HSL numbers (that match the HEX), it is a completely strange color.  I know colors can look different on monitors, but these colors don't even look like the ones I need. What am I doing wrong?


      -Color I wanted to achieve: HEX #9E223F

      -The converter said to use: HSL 346, 65, 38

      -The color looks pink rather than the plum shade I needed

      -I'm working in RGB mode because those are the specifications given to me to print.


      This looks nothing like I wanted it to. What did I do wrong? I don't know how to fix it or achieve a more-desired result. I need to change that "pink" section to a plum-colored one.


      Thanks for everyone's help!