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    Effects on add/move/remove for VBox children

    rmarp Level 1
      Hi folks,

      I've got a VBox that at runtime gets a bunch of child objects (labels) created inside it. I used the VBox as a container because I can easily call addChildAt and it knows how to shuffle children down to make room for the one that's added. This way, I can eliminate the need to play with x,y positioning of the labels.

      The tricky requirement that I have is that when new labels are inserted, added, etc, they need to "slide" into place. Think of how the tree component slides child nodes into view when an item is expanded. So I found that if I set the moveEffect for the label, anytime a label is shifted up or down because something got deleted or added above it, it slides nicely. However for nodes added onto the end, they just "appear", and I can't figure out how I could get them to slide into place without going deep into x,y positioning, masks and tweens. Any suggestions on an effect that would meet this requirement?