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    How to transfer RoboHelp project to another pc?

    dwc3 Level 1

      I've currently got TCS4 (RH 10) on Win 7 and am being upgraded to a yet unknown Windows platform on another laptop. I'm wondering if it's a simple task to transfer all of my RoboHelp  projects from one pc to another without having to re-enter or re-set up things like customized skins, colors, buttons, variables, etc.


      After re-installing TCS on the new pc, can I just copy/paste all RH files from one pc to another and pick up where I left off?

      (If so, would the necessary files to transfer be contained in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 10\RoboHTML?)



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          surbhi_maheshwari Adobe Employee



          After installing the TCS on new PC, you do not need to copy any file in installer.

          Simply copy the projects to this machine (complete project folder) and you are done.

          Everything like skin, css, variables all are inside the project folder only. So, everything will be taken care of.


          Happy migration!!



          Note: It is always advisable to keep a backup copy of projects.

          Let me know if you need any help or  face any issue while transferring the projects.


          Thanks and Regards,
          Surbhi Maheshwari

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            dwc3 Level 1

            Thanks! That's reassuring, especially since it's been a few years since I've created the variables, etc.   

            I've also added a few of the fixes that Adobe provided for issues, e.g., WebHelp issues in RoboHelp versions 10 and 11 (and others).

            These updates are added to the program files (WebHelp5Ext). I imagine that those will need to be re-added.


            I'll let you know how it goes.

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              dwc3 Level 1

              Looks like it went okay. A bit of cleanup to do, but overall all RH projects have survived the transfer and open as expected. There are a few topics that open as a blank page, but I'm able to slowly get them back in shape. Seems I have to remove most of the text, and then add it back little by little, generating output after each addition to check if it's now visible. Sometimes, just by changing some of the formats (like bullets to body text) makes it visible again. Not sure why this is so, but at least it's just on a dozen or so topics (out of 800+).