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    Major RAM issues conflicting with Mac


      So for the last few days I've been having huge issues (causing stress on deadlines for the projects I have)


      I'm not sure whether this is a Mac issue or an Adobe issue, but it seems to maybe be both. Basically everything will just slow down dramatically while i'm editing (either in premiere or after effects) and then all of a sudden everything will crash. I can't edit for longer than 10 minutes without this happening.


      A box will appear saying that I have to close the programs because they are unresponsive and there isn't enough RAM. (I have 16GB of RAM I'm operating on a late 2012 iMac with 3.4GHz Core i7 - this has never been an issue, and the tasks I'm doing are not labour intensive)


      Now on further research I find that this thing called "kernel_task" is absolutely hogging the RAM in some situations and that's what causes the crash, in other situations it's not. It's always slightly mixed and when I've researched this problem - loads of people have only temporarily fixed the issue in all completely different ways, and loads of people haven't found a fix at all.


      I think the problem is more with AE than premiere, as it happens in premiere (from my memory) only when there is a dynamic link to AE.


      The thing I'm doing in AE is just simple keying with keylight, no intense layers of effects (when I say this I mean I've had super intensive projects before and I've never had this problem, it feels like the latest adobe or mac update has all of a sudden poured cement over the flexible running legs of adobe, and now it can't even handle keying a video)


      Please ask away for all the information you need from me, I MUST get this fixed asap I have deadlines, and it's taking me so far 16 hours over the space of the last 3 days to complete something that should've taken 1 hour... It's so horrifically frustrating that I am actually posting for help (which I've never done before)
      Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 07.26.33 pm.png
      The above image is of activity monitor just after when of the crashes, it made me close everything (google chrome, premiere and AE)
      Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 07.33.06 pm.png


      This is the error that pops up in AE.

      Yesterday when I was having very similar issues in Premiere I did some research and did what was suggested on these forums which was to untick the sync settings and not use the waveform monitor, this improved performance in premiere, but I still have issues in AE obviously.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This might help: FAQ: What information should I provide?


          Some information I think that would be specifically pertinent right away is what (exact) version number of AE are you using? Is it 13.5.1.x? 11.0.4?

          Also, what OS are you using?


          If you are using the 13.5.1 version of AE, I would highly suggest trying 13.2.1.x (also known as CC 2014). How to Find and Install Previous Version of Adobe Apps in CC 2015

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            hero2k Level 1

            My Mac OS:

            Software  OS X 10.9.5




            Is 2015 backward compatible to  CC2014 (ie. would my files dynamically link to a 2015 premiere, and will I be able to open my 2015 projects in 2014?)

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can open AE CC 2015 files in AE CC 2014 with no issue. I've not tried Dynamic Linking, but you're welcome to give it a try. I generally avoid dynamic link anyway. But that's usually because a lot of my projects get pretty complex and it's way faster to have them rendered into an intermediate format so Premiere doesn't have to have AE trying to render them in the background.

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                hero2k Level 1

                Does installing the 2014 version overwrite the 2015 version??


                It's asking me to close premiere for the 2014 version to finish installing, I'm a bit worried it will overwrite it, please let me know before I close Premiere and continue the install



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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  It will not. I have CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, and CC 2015 all running on my system at home with no issue.

                  Installing CC 2015 (and any future updates) on the other hand, can remove older versions! See this: keeping previous versions installed when installing CC 2015 applications

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                    hero2k Level 1

                    Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 05.04.02 pm.png

                    Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 06.11.30 pm.png

                    Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 06.20.07 pm.png

                    Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 05.04.06 pm.png


                    Guys please I need some help, this is a serious AE issue.


                    I've narrowed it down to what is going on here. - The first 2 images are the errors coming up. - You can see in the last image that all I'm doing is working on a key. There are 4 basic effects on the layer, I'm not even scrubbing, and this error will come up. Let me talk you through the process:


                    I will open AE, it will be running smooth and fine, it will show up as only using 60mb or something small on the Activity Monitor.
                    After about 10 or so clicks (clicking the fx on and off, maybe toggling 1 setting) all of a sudden it will slow down to halt getting slower and slower until it starts freezing up and these errors pop up - When I look at Activity Monitor now, AE will show 4.65GB or more being used. For some reason it can't control the RAM usage, it just goes grows through the roof and seizes up.


                    I have tried turning off all the effects, changing the preview to quarter res, even shutting off ALL THE LAYERS so it has NOTHING to preview, it still comes up with the RAM errors though (To do this for example, I would be hitting enter constantly to go through the error boxes and clicking the eye on the layer until I can shut it off, and then 3 seconds later the error boxes will appear again)


                    Now I've whittled this problem down to some sort of RAM leakage with AE. Please can someone help with this.


                    I have tried decreasing the RAM left over for other applications to 3gb from 5gb, this doesn't help. I've also constantly purged all my memory etc, this doesn't work either.


                    Is this a known issue that will be fixed immediately with a new update?


                    Please respond

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                      hero2k Level 1

                      Can someone from Adobe please respond to this?


                      Am I posting in the wrong forum for technical support?

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                        Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        hero2k wrote:


                        Am I posting in the wrong forum for technical support?

                        Yes and no.

                        This is a user-to-user forum where we try to help each other with technical and artistic issues. Sometimes folks on the AE team drop in here, but this is still primarily user-to-user. If you want official Adobe people, you'll need to actually contact Adobe Support. It should be customized to the country you live in.


                        I know some members of the AE team were at IBC and they weren't on the forums very much. As they come back, we can hope they get a chance to poke their heads in here and see your thread. On the other hand, perhaps they won't spend much time on the forums and, instead, focus on getting the next bug fix update out more quickly.