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    Sharing smart previews with collaborators in creative cloud?

    yorick.meijdam Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm a professional photographer and business is good.

      Time is becoming more precious and I'm looking for ways to free up some space in my schedule. For example by outsourcing edit work.

      Of course it would be nice to have a team on the floor, but that's a bridge too far for me at the moment.


      So I was thinking if it would be possible to share my smart previews with my collaborator over creative cloud.

      Yes I know, you can export smart previews as a separate catalogue. But that's too much of a hassle if you ask me. (exporting, sending, retrieving, importing, review and perhaps all over again)


      Would be nice to share a folder/collection which holds the smart previews that's is connected to my LR catalogue.

      All automated synced. Nice and convenient.

      Is there such option/add-on/etc? Or is it just me that thinks in this kind of workflow?

      Hope to hear from you guys! Thanks in advance!