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    Rollover Image Arrangements


      Is it possible to have rollover images appear under other elements on the page? I have 4 links (in image form) on my 'homepage' (slide1) but the rollover image for each of the links is a large image in the background. It should appear underneath the 4 links. Thanks for any information/urls.

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Rollover Image and its Rollover Area (the invisible hit area) are always going to be together.  So if you place the rollover object on the bottom layer, you may find that its hit area is obstructed by other objects if there are too many other things on the slide.


          If what you are trying to do is replicate rollovers on a menu of some kind then you really need to rethink having those rollover images as small as possible.

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            jeffs612 Level 1

            Thank you RodWard for your answer. It wasn't the one I wanted, but I will take your advise and rework the solution. Thanks!