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    RAM Preview memory leak AE CC (2015)?


      Hi all,

      I'm experiencing a big new bug with the latest AE CC (2015) version (2015.0.1 release).

      Previews are behaving erratically, frames will not load properly into RAM, I cannot type text with the text tool (the playhead continually tries to preview the same frame but green bar appears and disappears quickly... as if RAM can't hold the frames). Typing with the text tool, AE thinks these are key commands and windows start jumping around. Meanwhile, the playhead and Previews constantly tries to preview / playback the timeline, I cannot stop it.

      Is this a common bug, or just me? I tried reinstalling AE, restarting, PRAM, rebuild permissions, etc.

      Any thoughts on a fix?

      thank you!

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Those are issues I haven't heard of before.

          You are using AE version 13.5.1, right?

          What OS are you using?

          Does CC 2014 behave itself on that same machine?

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            jeffmorey Level 1

            Thanks so much for the reply Szalam,


            I am indeed on AE version 13.5.1, and mac OS 10.10.5 (I just updated from 10.10.2, i think it was, to try to alleviate the AE issues).

            I need to try to get CC 2014 back on the machine (if projects are backward compatible, I'm right in the middle of a big edit).

            In addition to the crazy preview behavior, and inability to type texts, I also can't double click on masks (to select the entire mask). Also, like some others I've been getting the "cached preview needs 2 or more frames to playback" message, despite having the entire comp set as a work area. All of these problems started suddenly, all at once.  At first I thought my keyboard / trackball were messed up, or had a key / button stuck, but I changed the keyboard and mouse entirely and the problem persists. crazy!


            I wonder if an update to AE CC 2015 is coming soon to fix the cached preview issue others seem to have as well? I'm hoping that will knock out this cascade of bugs!


            thank you again,


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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It's weird that those issues all started at once. If we can figure out what happened that caused it, we might be able to help Adobe squash a few bugs that are really hard to pin down.

              Did you add any hardware or software, or did your computer update anything between when it worked and when it stopped? I mean, obviously something changed, if only we could figure out what it was!

              And I mean, it could be ANYTHING! I've seen some weird things in my time and sometimes software or hardware that seems completely unrelated to the issue at hand can cause things to go awry. If you can, try your best to figure out even the most minute thing that changed.


              If you don't have time to deal with things right now and just want to get to work, it's very easy to install CC 2014: How to Find and Install Previous Version of Adobe Apps in CC 2015 I'm happy to report that project files are compatible between AE CC 2014 and AE CC 2015. As I've told many people on these forums, I usually work in CC 2015 because of the better expression handling and (for me) snappier interface and then I open that project file in CC 2014 to render with multiprocessing. (Although, you will still experience a bit of a bug with audio on the first loop through a preview since Apple still hasn't fixed the issue with RAM previews they introduced in their newer OS. That's a bug CC 2015 works around with the previewing system in the all-new architecture.)


              So, yes, you should have a mostly seamless transition back to CC 2014. And make sure, whenever you do update CC 2015, you don't let it sneakily delete your old version! keeping previous versions installed when installing CC 2015 applications


              There is an update to After Effects coming "later this year" that introduces some welcome new features and squashes "a lot of bugs". What’s new and changed in the upcoming update to After Effects CC 2015 Whether the bugs you're experiencing are the ones being squashed is impossible to guess at since I don't work for Adobe and they haven't listed them (yet?).


              The more bug reports they get and the more information they get, the more likely it will be that they can fix the problems. That's why I always advocate for filing bug reports with as much information as possible: Feature Request/Bug Report Form Especially with weird bugs that aren't experienced by everyone (like that darn sticky keyframe issue and your "cached preview needs 2 or more frames" issue), sometimes it can be really hard to pin down what the actual bug is. That's why I got a little excited in my first paragraph; your computer seems to have crossed some sort of threshold where these things suddenly started happening and, if we can figure out what it is, you might have the most useful bug report of the year!


              But, again, in order to get you up and running right away, try CC 2014. Hopefully it works for you!

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                jeffmorey Level 1



                Thank you so much for taking the time to help me debug my AE issues! Unfortunately my Creative Cloud CC isn't giving me the option to roll back to / re-install AE CC 2014, I'm checking on other computers if there is still a 2014 version I can copy over. I submitted a detailed bug report, hopefully that will help developers figure it my bugs? I don't know how I feel about having the most useful bug report of the year, especially when I have a big edit due next week .  The only change I made was adding a .jsxbin (iExpressions2.jsxbin) into my ScriptUI Panels, but that was over a week before the issues started... hmmm.


                Again, I very much appreciate your help! 



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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You can't install CC 2014? Do the directions I linked not work? What happens?

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                    jeffmorey Level 1

                    Hi Szalam,

                    I figured it out! (downloading CC2014) and it seems to be working just like you said with the CC 2015 file.  I guess I'll wait for the next AE update to get the latest version to work, but in the meantime at least i can work in a stable environment!

                    cheers and many thanks again,


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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      No problem! Sorry you're having these issues. Hopefully Adobe's next update will solve some of these bugs!