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    9/21/2015 - Release - AIR 19 Runtime and SDK

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Today we're pleased to announce that the next version of AIR is available for immediate download.  AIR 19 adds both new features and important bug fixes for the desktop and mobile platforms!


      Below are some of the key features and benefits of AIR 19.  Please see our release notes for full details.


      New Features:

      • iOS Concurrency

      Our popular desktop and Android feature, AIR Workers, is now making its debut on iOS! We have added support on iOS devices so that you will be able to execute code in the background without interrupting your application’s main code. Your UI will remain responsive, enhancing the user experience!


      • New insertAt() and removeAt() Vector and Array APIs

      With Flash Player and AIR 19, we have introduced two new APIs for element insertion or removal in Vector and Arrays. They are implemented to perform better than existing splice method when used for single element.

      • Improved Stage3D Error Messages

      We've added new Stage3D error codes to provide developers with additional debugging and error information.

      • iOS 9 Compatibility

      We've run through a full certification pass and verified that AIR applications work on last week's iOS9 release.  Look for new iOS 9 specific features in upcoming releases!



      Fixed Issues:


      • [Windows] Graphical glitches when rotating an element inside of a sprite [3949851]
      • [iOS] SOFT_KEYBOARD_ACTIVATING event is not fired when soft keyboard is up and device orientation is changed (4014835)
      • [Android]Application hangs and crashes after some time on playing rtmp video on some devices (4018065)
      • [iOS] Application orientation changes from portrait to landscape , if device is rotated to landscape while browsing gallery (3993869)
      • [iOS9 Beta 3] Incorrect launch image is displayed on iPad for landscape applications. (4018599)
      • [Android ] Georgian chars are not getting displayed on Android L onwards. (4028503)
      • Multiple security and functional fixes

      Known Issues:

      • [iOS 8] Keyboard opens in landscape orientation even though the app runs in portrait mode. (4042709)
      • [Android] Application hangs and crashes after some time on playing rtmp video on some devices(4018065)



      Download Locations:


      AIR 19 runtime for Windows: Runtime Download

      AIR 19 runtime for Macintosh: Runtime Download


      AIR 19 SDK & Compiler for Windows: SDK & Compiler Download

      AIR 19 SDK & Compiler for Macintosh: SDK & Compiler Download


      Note: To provide all the all the necessary tools for our developers in one place and avoid having to download multiple components, we are packaging Adobe AIR 18 SDK and ActionScript Compiler 2.0 in a single SDK called “Adobe AIR 18 SDK & Compiler”.


      AIR SDK 19 (Compatible with Flex) for Windows: SDK Windows Download

      AIR SDK 19 (Compatible with Flex) for Macintosh: SDK Macintosh Download


      Previous versions of the AIR runtime and SDK can be found on the Archived AIR SDK and Runtimes page