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    how to create time lapse video in after effects


      I've taken a series of RAW stills using my Canon 5DMkIII, imported them into Lightroom and converted them to DNGs.  I've read in an old post that the raw files can be imported into After Effects 2015 for superior video quality when creating time lapse.  Please let me know how best to proceed.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, resize your images in Lightroom as you export them as DNG so that they are no more than twice the size of your comp if you plan to add some pan and scan on the images or so they are sized the same as the output width of your project (IOW 1920 wide for HD).

          Second, import a new file and when you browse to the folder you have stored your exported resized images click on any image and make sure that the Import as sequence is selected. This will open up camera raw so you can make further adjustments if you wish but any adjustments you have made in Lightroom will come in automatically.

          Third, go to file interpretation for your image sequence and pick a frame rate that matches your desired output. Something like 29.97. The default is 30. If you are also adding video footage to the project you should match the frame rate of the video.

          Last. work your magic and render your project.


          BTW, if it's just a straight timelapse sequence you want it's easier and faster to do in Premiere Pro by importing your resized image sequence directly into PPro.

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            marguerite7sunsh9 Level 1

            Rick, thank you for your clear instructions. First, when I export the files of a strip, I am sending the edited DNGs to another folder from which After Effects will import them, correct?  Second, I'm thinking that I may want to duplicate or triplicate the images in some strips to slow them down and make the motion a little more clear.  How is that done in After Effects? Third, I looked at this tutorial on YouTube: Time Lapse Edit in Adobe After Effects [Tutorial] [HD 1080p] - YouTube

            I found this helpful, but a little daunting as far as learning how to search for tools to adjust the file further or to pan and scan.  Can you direct me to a good tutorial that addresses these fundamentals in After Effects?  Also, it would be good to fully understand the editing timeline in After Effects and how it is manipulated.


            BTW, my video consists of 7 strips with cuts between them all with the exception of a transition at the end that matches the beginning to allow for a loop.  How does one create a loop?


            Thank you!