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    Uneven margins printing out of Lightroom 5



      Whenever I send something to my printer, the margins may look even in Lightroom (say .5" all around), but they don't print that way. Depending on what method I use, they might print with a larger border on the bottom, or on the side. I've tried a few different techniques to try and get around this.


      1. Page setup: A3+, Borderless.
      Lightroom print module: Margins .5"
      Cell size is automatically set to 11.96 x 18.01

      *If I print borderless though, it's not really accurate since you have to account for the bleed.

      Here's a picture of how the borders come out uneven.



      2. Page setup: A3+ Non Borderless (Ideally, would be best)
      Lightroom print module: Margins .5"

      It seems to show up fine in Lightroom, again, just prints uneven.

      Here's the same problem with an 8.5 x 11" photo (.25" border) and the same thing happens.  Fine in Lightroom.


      This is what acutally prints. Left side and bottom borders are smaller than the top and right side borders.



      I have a feeling it may have something to do with the relationship between the cell size and the margin measurements.


      One other thing. I just upgraded to the pro-100 from the pro9000 mkII and it's a similar problem. I thought it may have been the printer which is one of the reasons I upgraded.


      This also seems to happen when I'm printing 4x6 images. The margins print uneven.


      Thank in advance for your help!


      Windows 7 (Also happens on the Mac)
      Lightroom 5.2 64 bit
      Canon pro-100 and Canon pro 9000 mkII
      Paper Sizes: 13x19, 5x7, 4x6