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    How to stop one element from following mouseMove

    Suz Stephens

      Though I don't know JavaScript, I've gotten my animation working pretty well by following Paul Triani's "Creating a Parallax Effect in Edge Animate." Two elements, the crab and the foreground skyline image, "slide" horizontally on mouseMove as I wanted them to.


      My problem is that I want the plane to just move horizontally across the screen following the timeline instead of being controlled by mouse movements. Currently, it makes it's one pass across the screen like I want, but then as soon as I mouse over the screen, the plane goes wild zipping back and forth across the plane like a jet fighter on steroids.Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.57.45 PM.png


      I have this on the stage on compositionReady:


      this.onMove=function(posX, posY){

        timelinecontrol = Number(posX)*12;




      And this on the skyline and crab on mouseMove:

      this.onMove(e.pageX, e.pageY);


      How can I get the plane to ignore mouse movements?


      Edge Animate CC v3




      Thanks for your help!