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    why does validate="integer" accept commas?


      Earlier versions of CF didn't let a comma slip through to mess up SQL statements.  This version does.  Not only that, but the javascript code in cfform.js, if extracted and run separately against a <form..>..</form> rather than a <cfform..>..</cfform> does trap and reject commas.  By the way this is true of validate="date", and validate="float" also.  I submitted a bug report on 9/14/15 and have had no response so far.  I notice that there were reports of this on this forum back in 2014.  Any thoughts other than abandon cfform?

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          Would it help to set a new locale at he top of the page? For example, The English have 2.0, but the Dutch have 2,0.

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            SRolly wrote:


            Any thoughts other than abandon cfform?

            There was a time, a while ago, where CFFORM was kind of neat.  I used it a few times for generating Flash forms (mostly for security, ironically.)  Now, Flash is either dead, or dying; no point, now.


            But, IMHO, these days CFFORM should never be used (those who disagree, hold your hate mail.)


            I never liked the built-in "validation" of cfinput, etc.  I've always built validation from scratch (client- AND server-side) that gives so much more granular control.  So, if that's the reason you're using CFFORM, please do yourself a favor and learn basic validation (preferably server-side; client-side is nice, but can't be relied upon.)  You can use Regular Expressions to validate integer, float, etc.