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    The Adobe ID under which my computer is authorized in Digital Editions does not exist.  I cannot erase the authorization nor add a new Adobe ID.


      How do I erase the authorization? Ctrl-Shift-D does not work without a password.


      My library keeps picking up the old ID and cannot download books.


      This is what the library told me:
      "This may be an Adobe Digital Editions Issue. You would have had to sign up for an Adobe Digital Editions ID when you set up your 3M account (and Overdrive) and that is probably where they have stored your old email address. If you cannot remember your password, you can request assistance from Adobe at this website.


      I am not sure if you can edit the address there but if you login to your Adobe account you should be able to at least see if you can.


      If not, you may have to acquire a new Adobe Digital Editions ID with your new email address and then associate this with both your 3M and OverDrive accounts."