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    Video banner plays in all browsers INCLUDING ie.. But when I put the banner on my actual site. It loads in ALL browsers EXCEPT Internet Explorer... Any thoughts?


      I cant upload the project files as they are a project for my job. BUT i am pretty sure this is a common issue and easily explained.  I'm just having issues sorting it out or finding the correct solution.


      So I have a mp4/webm video files loaded into edge animate. They are set to loop and auto play.


      When I view the published html file of JUST the banner I made. It works perfectly all browsers. However in Internet Explorer. It DOES work.. But makes me select an "allow blocked content" button before displaying


      Okay so now I took the banner and inserted it into my html file like I do with all my edge animate projects. It works perfectly in all browsers EXCEPT now in Internet explorer. It doesn't give me the option to "display blocked content"  ... It just doesn't load the banner whatsoever.


      Any solutions to this problem? Any help is much appreciated! Got to get this done asap!