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    Recovery post Crash


      Hi and thanks for any help anyone can give.


      My computer froze and I was forced to restart it without having had a chance to save.
      When I reopened Elements (version 11) and checked the autosave folder It had all my blocks/frames as I had them when I crashed....
      However, a bunch of the frames did not contain the actual footage and instead displayed a screen saying something about media offline, don't remember exactly what it said.


      My question is, is there an easy way to put that footage back into their blocks on the editing screen, since the blocks themselves are still there?  It was a lot of work to snip down each of this clips to the perfect size and get the timing right for all the changes (video is being made to go along to a song).  A lot of these blocks are super quick 'flashes' of a clip.


      If not I guess I'll have to do it over again, but if anyone knows an easier fix I'd appreciate the help.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Take one of the last AutoSaves, right click it, select Open With, and then Adobe Premiere Elements 11.


          When you do, you should be greeted with "Where is the file ______?" message 1. There will be more no doubt after you answer the question for message 1.

          Those messages are your way to reconnect the project's source media to the project. This is all provided that you know where the missing media are on your computer (you can actually find and see them at their hard drive save location). If you get lucky, then answering one of the messages, may trigger more to open spontaneously.


          Media - project disconnects typically occur if

          a. You have moved, deleted, or renamed files and folders after the project was saved closed.


          b. You store your source media on an external hard drive and the external hard drive failed...maybe the drive letter changed.


          Please review, consider, supply more information. If any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.



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            glaxocrux Level 1

            Awesome, thanks.  Sounds easy enough I will it try it when I get home later.  Hopefully it asks me for each one.  Appreciate the help.  I'll follow up after I try it.

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              glaxocrux Level 1

              Okay, Just got back home.  I opened the last auto save the way you described and lo and behold, all my footage was there where it should be.  I had opened this same file previously and was missing most of the footage, but I had opened it slightly differently (not right clicking and using "open with").  Not sure if that slight difference in the way I opened the file is what the difference, seems odd that it would, but hey, I'm not complaining....so psyched I don't have to redo the several hours of work I put in last night.


              Thanks so much A.T. Romano for the help!

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the great news of recovery of your project that you suspected was lost. Great job of not giving up and follow through to gain your success.


                Proceed cautiously. If further computer freezes, we may have to troubleshoot to find out the whys - project content and construction related or other.


                Best wishes