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    No sound after rendering into AVI.


      Hello there,



      I know this question has been asked many many times. But I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

      When I try to render it into an AVI it doesn't have any audio. BUT! There is audio in the compostition and I checked the box to enable audio output. It is supposed to work right? Well it's not...

      I've tried many forums but they all just kept telling me the same "obvious" reasons such as: speaker symbol not activated within a composition, didn't check the box for audio output, speakers are muted, etc.

      I did everything everyone suggested but it still won't work.

      And the best part is when I render it into any other file everything seems to be working fine... and I go over the exact same things!

      Also I have windows 10. I'm going to be really mad if that's the reason why it won't work...

      Please help.

      Thanks in advance!



      Greets, Mike