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    Fireworks pop-up menus to Dreamweaver

      I am very new to html and have been charged with figuring out how to add pop-up menus for navigation to a set of buttons.
      The buttons are individual jpg images set in a navigation.html page, which is an include.
      I took one button jpg, opened it in Fireworks, created a pop-up menu, exported it as html and the pop-ups work when previewing this button html file in a browser.
      First of all, I cannot figure out how to replace the button image in the navigation.html page with the proper code in Dreamweaver to allow the pop-up menu to work as it does when previewing the button.html page alone. Second, I am hoping to find the best way to add pop-ups menus to the several button images without generating a lot of unnecessary code. And finally, or maybe this should be first, are these type of pop-up menus compatible with the majority of browsers?