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    FLV Doesn't work!!!!!!!

    Level 7
      Hi everyone!!!

      My site goes through the follow structure:

      (startpage) that loads the (mainpage) in a new container MC (alvo) but
      in the same level (0).
      From within the (alvo).(mainpage), I call another container MC
      (movies), now in level (2).
      This new MC has a FLV component that should load videos dynamically,
      acording to a variable value generated from the buttons in the

      The problem:

      In my computer everything works fine and I have some friends that told
      me the same.
      But in some cases, the people goes to the site and all the flash content
      works fine, but the video doesn't appears.

      The site:

      Is hosted in linux APACHE.

      The code:

      switch (_global.my_video) {
      case "demo" :
      my_FLVPlybk.contentPath = " http://www.edd.com.br/media/demo.flv";
      case "..." :

      import mx.video.*;
      this.attachMovie("FLVPlayback", "my_FLVPlybk", 10);
      my_FLVPlybk.bufferTime = 8;
      my_FLVPlybk.autoSize = true;
      my_FLVPlybk.setSize(400, 270);
      my_FLVPlybk.x=2, my_FLVPlybk.y=2;
      my_FLVPlybk.autoRewind = true;
      my_FLVPlybk.skin = " http://www.edd.com.br/media/ClearOverPlaySeekMute.swf";

      The questions:

      Why the video doen't work??

      Someone have any idea about whats is happening??

      Is that code right??