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    COPY NOT ALLOWED problem unanswered!


      I've read many threads and I haven't found a fix.


      I now own a kobo ereader.

      I just bought a book from kobo.com

      It says that the file type (.acsm) needs to be opened with Adobe Digital Editions and to follow the prompts.

      Did that. I forgot at that moment that I had an Adobe ID, so I clicked the link to create one. I GOT AN ERROR on the site. So without any other choice, I went through with only authorizing the computer. What a mistake! Then I read threads on how to fix that and now I finally have my Adobe ID in there.


      Now I DO get the option to add the book to my kobo, but then I get the copy not allowed error.


      What good is this going to do me if I can't put it on the kobo?? How is this problem solved? This is beyond a refund issue.. I want to read the darn book on my ereader!


      FUMING MAD - Lissa