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    Controlled Loop?

    TaylorJumbo Level 1
      I know the most basic command in ActionScripts to keep my
      Flash video from looping (stop();). Can I apply that command if I want
      to end on a scene used previously in the movie (as in the example in
      notes)? How does that work such that my movie doesn't stop after the
      initial use of that scene and go no further?

      Ideally, I would like to use the same scene as an opening and closing
      sequence to my movie. However, after the second use, I would like to
      have text saying "The End." Is there an if/then statement that defines
      if this has played before or something?
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          sure, you can assign a variable to do this for you.

          var VariableA
          if (VariableA == null) {
          VariableA = "Whatever you want to check against"
          else {
          // here you'll have what you want your movie to do if VariableA has a value assigned (ie- if its gone through and played this once).