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    Layout for a picture book where images span 2 pages


      Hi Im just looking for some advice please, Im not an Indesign wiz kind of self taught so advice will need to be in simple terms.


      I am currently trying to layout a full illustrated childrens book which will go to print and be saddle stitched.

      A lot of the illustrations are full page and span across two pages. The problem im having is the internal layout so closest to the spine, I have had a mock book made up and im either loosing part of the image or its been slightly duplicated.

      Should I have internal calculations for bleed or slug and if so is their a specific mm I should be looking at.


      The book will be standard picture book 32 pages plus 4.

      208mm width

      236mm height


      using a 3mm bleed all sides

      0mm slug


      Sorry if im asking something stupid, I have googled everywhere and cant find what i'm doing wrong.