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    Publish Services - editing .psd file doesn't trigger republish




      I use Lightroom to manage collections of .psd files.

      I recently installed a plugin to publish and keep in sync images with a Wordpress installation: http://apps.meow.fr/wplr-sync/

      It works pretty well; but edits done in Photoshop files don't trigger a "republish" event.

      The author of the plugin says that event is handled by LR and not the plugin.

      Is there any way to have LR to detect changes in Photoshop files and trigger a republish event?

      Maybe is there in some hidden setting?

      or through some scripting?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Most of the Publish Service plug-ins respond to changes in Develop or metadata. A couple of things you could try.

          1. Add a new keyword to the saved PSD
          2. Add some clarity or another minor adjustment to the saved PSD

          Bear in mind that if the original is a raw file from which the PSD is created; you are making a one off copy with PS adjustments. If you take the PSD back into PS for further editing, unless you select original you may be creating a second copy (not the one in Publish Services)