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    Issue exporting map file to Java


      I have two technical writers working on the same RH 11 project. They've been awesome about keeping their projects in sync. We have run into an issue, however, with the map IDs. One of the writers created all the new map IDs to the existing project. They worked together to import the map file into the main project. While this seemed to work, I suddenly discovered that when I exported the map file to Java/.properties format, lots of map IDs were not appearing in the Java version of the map file. This included new and previously existing map IDs. So my developers made their .properties match to ours, which is wrong and caused a LOT of CSH breaks.


      My workaround for this is to send my developers the .h file, which includes all the correct map IDs. For the sake of my sanity, I'm trying to figure out why this issue occurred and why the map file is not exporting with all the map IDs. Did my team not import all the correct files or components? Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you!