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    What books do you recommend?

    Suz Stephens

      Though I used to use Flash some, I'm starting new learning Edge Animate and would like to become more adept with it than I ever was with Flash. I've just ordered "Adobe Edge Animate: The Missing Manual" by Chris Grover and "JavaScript for Absolute Beginners" by Terry McNavage.

      I specialize in designing Bootstrap enabled sites for real estate agents. I'm very good with advanced HTML, have done some cut 'n paste JavaScript and can format type with CSS. I usually subcontract out site setups to a CSS/JavaScript/JQuery/Bootstrap programmer and will continue doing so. However, I'd like to be able to keep control over more creative aspects by being adept with creating Edge animations so I can use them on my site projects instead of simple HTML5 slideshows. I'm resistant to learning more about coding but I can see that it would be beneficial.

      There so few reviews of related books on Amazon that I could use some direction from you. I'm considering ordering "JavaScript & JQuery, the Missing Manual." What other books do you recommend?

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          foj Level 1

          ... a few of us have been debating Adobes complete lack of support for Edge Animate, it wont take you long to find various negative threads.


          EA was shaping up to be a great artists HTML5 editor, but the assumption is that Adobe are now concentrating efforts back into Flash.


          Great you are concentrating on the code as unfortunately this seems to be key to everything. A lot of nice work can be, and is, achieved using EA - but you will inevitably find the application to be flaky (/full of bugs) and under featured, and none of this appears to be on Adobe’s radar for fixing. If you don’t code, the problem with this lack of support will be that EA will fail to keep up with future browser implementations. It may be well worth your time revisiting Flash, in my opinion.


          See what is said at Octobers MAX conference.


          I think the best resources are not necessarily books but videos from Linda.com and so on or just free tutorials on YouTube. Also check out blogs and sites like edgedocks/commons, edgehero, and Paul Trani’s homepage.


          Sorry to be so down on EA, maybe someone has a more positive take...

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            Suz Stephens Level 1

            I suspect  you are right, foj, in your prognosis for EA's future. I've noticed the lack of support for EA here and I've been told the same by someone in a good position to know (you would recognize his name if I mentioned it here).


            I've done some of the Lynda.com EA tutorials but frankly, I don't like learning from videos. I much prefer printed books where I can quickly look stuff up.

            I'm hopeful that what I'm learning in EA now might be useful in future if it is absorbed into Flash.


            The good news is that when I got verification of my Amazon order, I realized that they ended up being free thanks to an Amazon settlement rebate. Can't complain about that!