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    Vendor login ID?


      A few months ago I had a different e-book reader for a summer class. It was the Copia reader program and I uninstalled it once the class was over. However, I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions to read an e-book for a different class. When I first downloaded it I was not ever prompted to authorize with an Adobe ID. ADE automatically picked up my Copia account for authorization.


      The issue is that I cannot open the book for my current class because the authorization is not for the right account. When I try erasing the authorization, it asks for a vendor login ID and I have no idea what I need to put there. I've tried my account for Copia, I've tried the company name and the company of the textbook but I can't figure out what I need to put to erase the authorization.

      I'm just wondering if anyone happens to know what the vendor login ID is.



      Here is a picture of the authorization that I currently have.



      And here is the picture of the whole vendor login ID window.

      vendor login id.png