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    Vendor login ID?

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      A few months ago I had a different e-book reader for a summer class. It was the Copia reader program and I uninstalled it once the class was over. However, I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions to read an e-book for a different class. When I first downloaded it I was not ever prompted to authorize with an Adobe ID. ADE automatically picked up my Copia account for authorization.


      The issue is that I cannot open the book for my current class because the authorization is not for the right account. When I try erasing the authorization, it asks for a vendor login ID and I have no idea what I need to put there. I've tried my account for Copia, I've tried the company name and the company of the textbook but I can't figure out what I need to put to erase the authorization.

      I'm just wondering if anyone happens to know what the vendor login ID is.



      Here is a picture of the authorization that I currently have.



      And here is the picture of the whole vendor login ID window.

      vendor login id.png

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          looks like there is no one to answer this since it's been over a year. is there really any "experts" on this forum?

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              My Adobe ID Activation is not working

              If you have authorized multiple eReaders and computers with Adobe Digital Editions using your Adobe ID, you may get an error message saying "Too Many Activations" when you try to authorize again. This is because Adobe puts a limit on the number of times you can use an Adobe ID to authorize a computer or eReader.

              You can, however, request additional authorizations. Here's how to request more authorizations:

              • Go to http://www.adobe.com/go/supportportal
              • Sign in with your Adobe ID and password.
              • Under "Get Support," in the "Technical Support" tab: Under "Choose issue type" select "Using a product or service."
              • Under "Choose product," first select "Additional Products," then select "Adobe Digital Editions."
              • Fill in the online form, describing the problem and asking for additional authorizations. You should get an e-mail from Adobe in a couple of days letting you know that they've reset your authorizations. You can then re-authorize your eReader in Adobe Digital Editions.


              How do I deauthorize my computer with Adobe Digital Editions?


              If you are no longer using a computer or wish to change your Adobe ID you may need to deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions. To do this, click the Library View icon in ADE then press Ctrl+Shift+D (or Cmd+Shift+D for Macintosh).


              Source: Help - Ebooks FAQ