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    lost some of my folders

    jakher1927 Level 1

      I have been using the new LR 6 with great success but just ran into a problem that I cannot seem to find and answer for and hopefully you can help.


      I keep all of my photos in one catalogue on my desktops internal hard drive (E) and saw that many of my folders had become lighter and had a ?.  When I clicked to open the folder the filmstrip at the bottom shows no photos but an ! mark appears without the missing photo.  When I right click on the folder name in the left panel and select "Find Missing Photos" my folder structure comes up This PC > Storage (E) > Photos. When I look for the missing folder it does not appear.  If I look for that folder in my back-up drive (H) it appears.  The only thing I have done in the last few days was look at how much capacity I had left in my drives (E) and (H) and noticed that one had much more in storage than the other.  Can you offer suggestions on what may be the cause of this problem and how do I get my folders back to what they where?



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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi jakher1927,


          • It might be possible you have accidentally deleted those folders and now Lightroom is not able to find them at the same location.
          • You can either copy the folders from the H drive and paste them to their previous location(E drive) or can link them directly to the H drive without moving them.