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    Choose color for several character then use those choices for my animation.

    Fred Vandenbroucke

      Hey guys!


      I have a project here where I'm stuck...


      1- You have three characters on your canvas.

      2- For each of them you can pick different colors (e.g: blue hat, red shirt, black shoes,...)

      3- When you are happy with the three characters and the colors you just picked you can click on the "Next" button below (or an arrow.. ).

      4- Taking turns, the three characters are now running in a hamster's wheel.


      At first I thought about making each animations then play the right one depending on the choices made by the user.. but imo it will be too heavy and for sure will take me ages to make.. I was looking at something called " Interactive SVG " but I don't know if I'm in the right direction here...


      Any ideas, hints, clues to get this job done?


      Thank you for your time!