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    Do i have to have coldfusion to run Restaurant app?

      My question is general in terms of how to run web services.
      Do I have to have a server that supports coldfusion in order to run apps like the restaurant one.

      THIS IS CALLING: http://flexapps.macromedia.com/ws/services/RestaurantWS?wsdl

      Thank you.
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          ur_dtrain Level 1
          None of the samples that come with FB require any specific technology from the end user. Most utilize local XML data files, so they should work fine even if you aren't connected to the internet. Or, if they do, they connect to 3rd party data sources like Flikr. If you are planning on building your own Flex applications that are populated with data not coming from some external source, then you will definitely need to look into technologies like CF (or php, or java) that live on your server.

          BTW - if your are just learning and developing locally, you can install the CF dev server (free) on your local machine for testing .