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    CFMX7 hanged

      I have CFMX7 application serber and it connected to Oracle 9i, there is 3 database links on this DB server. On my code, i have query to select union data from 3 database links. I define the timeout requests setting to be 15 seconds to terminate long request more than 15 sec.
      The problem is occured when a query (which have the db links) sometimes take long time and no response from it the db and then coldfusion server hanged and heap memory filled and requests queued increased becuase this request does not terminated by CF server(15 sec setting).
      The error may be on db link that related to another network and the link sometimes interupted. Is there any hint to solve this problem? and is there any exception on my code or setting to terminate the not response query abnormally without hang CFMX?