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    Clearing Video

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      What's the best way to clear a video after it's done playing? If I
      click a forward button to take me to another frame while my video is
      playing, the video stops, but the last image of the video remains on
      screen even though the new frame has nothing in that sprite.
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          (the stage).bgColor=(the stage).bgColor
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            Thanks, Mike, but that didn't work for me.

            I came up with kind of a sloppy solution, but it works. I created a
            blank jpeg image the same color as my background, and the same size as
            my video, and named it "VidCover". Then in the code for the forward
            button I do this before advancing the frame:

            sprite(pVideoSprite).member = member("VidCover")

            pVideoSprite is a property that holds the sprite number I've got the
            video in. Again, seems to work, but sloppy. Videos in Director are
            really kind of a pain in the butt. They're always on top, which is a
            drag sometimes, and they're sometimes hard to get rid of.
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              This is a video card problem. Some cards don't accurately update the
              portion of the stage that is reserved for the digital video player.

              The best solution that I've found is to move the DV sprite off the
              visible area of the stage when you move to a new frame. This is simply
              done using the endSprite function.

              on endSprite me
              sprite(DVsprite).locV = -1000

              Rob Dillon
              Adobe Community Expert