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    How Do I Keep "Enable Filters" enabled moving from folder to folder?


      I just upgraded to LR CC and one strange thing I've noticed is the action "Enable Filters" doesn't stay enabled once you leave the folder and then come back to it.


      For example, here are two folders I would commonly work with. Both on the same root level.





      When I go into RAW, I hit Enable Filters and show everything 1 Star and Above. Then, if I navigate to FINAL, then immediately go back to RAW, I'm back to seeing everything and I have to hit "Enable Filters" again. It's very cumbersome when you're jumping around a lot like I do in my workflow.


      This wasn't they case in Lightroom 5. Whenever you went back to a folder, it would be in the same state as when you left it.


      I feel like there's an option somewhere I overlooked to fix this.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.