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    ColdFusion 11 applications using WebSphere


      I want to migrate and deploy an existing ColdFusion 9 application to ColdFusion 11 application. This application was developed in ColdFusion9 in Windows environment and we are trying to migrate to Linux environment to ColdFusion11. Initially we used IIS as web server but now I am using WebSphere as a web server. My Concern is in Windows we use to place the .cfm files (ColdFusion app) in wwwroot or inetpub root. But here I was not able to understand where to place the code. I installed ColdFusion in the following format: /opt/apps/apa/coldfusion11. Can any one suggest me with a link or step by step process. In Short Installing ColdFusion 11 in Linux Environment with WebSphere application server. In which folder do we need o place the code as I am very new to this Linux Environment I was really confused