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    PhotoShop Touch- make my line drawing transparent




      I'm just getting started with using PS touch for playing with my drawings (after scanning them and uploading them to dropbox then downloading them from the dropbox app on my ipad).


      I have drawn a simple pen drawing onto white and want to make it transparent so i can lay it over a photo or different colour background using PS touch. Can any one help with instructions?


      Example image attached (ignore the colour it will be black and white)



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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Do you want to make the background around the image transparent, or do you want to make the entire image transparent, minus its outlines?


          In either of those cases, one or a combination of the selection tools (thinking the Magic Wand Tool primarily) should serve you well, especially considering the artwork is against a stark white background.


          Remember that since it's against a white background, you might have a little "halo" effect going on when you go to delete the background. To minimize this, consider maybe using the Refine Edge tool, located under the selection options, under the 4th icon from the upper left corner.