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    buttons within rollover buttons?




      I have an indesign doc which is basically a world map. On the map several locations are marked which, when exported to PDF, and rolled over shows a popup with office info for that location.


      That i have no trouble with using buttons show/hide etc.


      However, within each rollover i need to add buttons for email/web links that can be clicked to open the relevant link.


      So can button within rollover buttons be made using Indesign?



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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          This will work with 2 Buttons: Button 1 will have an action to show Button 2, and Button 2 can have an action to go to destination (email/web link). Also note: you can not apply a hyperlink to the text portion of the button, it needs to be accomplished as a button action.

          It will not work with 1 Button that has a rollover appearance. The rollover appearance is visual, not functional.

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            angusm57634069 Level 1

            Hi there,


            Yeah ive managed to get round it by setting the trigger button to be on click rather than on rollover as with that when i rollover the link button within the rollover it hides the popup. Popup is then removed by adding a close button to the popup. A bit more cumbersome but should work fine.