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    PPro Panel Demo not working anymore

    Mark Henzer


      I recentely got into creating HTML5 Panels for PPro. I often use the PPro panel from the sample projects but suddenly this panel does not work. I either receive error messages saying that the used function is not a function or it simply won't even show up when I click it in the "Window/.." dialogue.


      Deleting and repasting the original panel doesn't solve the issues.


      Have there been any recent PPro updates that crash the panel?


      I'm on Windows 7 64Bit and PPro CC15.1Hope someon's got an idea about this.



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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          The panel works fine here, in CC 2015.


          Between CC 2014 and CC 2015, the CSXS/CEP version changed from 5 to 6; thus, you would need to update the loading of debug panels in a different registry entry or .plist file, to enable the loading of debug panels in CC 2015.


          Let me know if that doesn't do the trick.


          About 'xyz() is not a function' errors: Are you loading your own panel, AND PProPanel? If so, have you changed the name of the blob of functions defined in /PProPanel/jsx/Premiere.jsx? If your panel and PProPanel BOTH define that blob as '$.ext_PProPanel', PPro won't know which to load. Change that define to '$.ext_Heinz', or something.