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    How to keep raw edits separate from the original raw file?

    green gene pg

      I process my landscape photos in Bridge, ACR, and PS.  I put the original raw photo in a folder, open it, and make raw edits.  Then I save it, from camera raw, as a tiff under a new name like "Half Dome Raw Edits."  I now have two files in the folder.  But I notice the original raw file has picked up the edits I intended to be only in the file I saved as a renamed tiff.    When I open the original raw file, the sliders,etc, are as I left them when I finished editing.  The file I save under a new name, as a tiff, has all the edits but the sliders are set back to their original default positions, so I can't see where I have left them.  Can someone tell me what's going on, and how I can keep separate an unedited raw file and an edited, renamed tiff?