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    Educators License Question

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      How do you show proof that you are a college professor? I do not use my college's email for my Adobe account. I have an ID card that I can scan or a pay stub, but I have not seen on this site who I send this documentation to. I already signed up for and paid with my credit card, but the download is only offering me a trial version. Thanks for your assistance. Alice

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          Dear Megha Rawat, Thank you for your reply. I already visited this page and

          read the contents before I asked for help, because what I read on this page

          did not solve my problem. I understand from this page that I need to send

          Adobe information about my educator status, but I do not know who to send

          that information to.


          This is the information I read. I have a school email account, but my Adobe

          account is not in my school account, as it predates my working for this

          institution. So that leaves me with Option 2. But who do I send this

          information to?


          Option 2: A photocopy of your school ID. Before submitting the ID, cross

          out any sensitive information, such as a social security number or driver's

          license number. Make sure that the school ID contains the following items:


             - School name

             - Faculty/student name

             - Current* enrollment/employment date


          Option 3: One of the following documents:


             - School transcript indicating name of school, student, and current* date

             - School tuition bill indicating name of school, student, and current*


             - Report card indicating name of school, student, and current* date

             - Faculty or staff: A current paycheck stub

             - Faculty or staff: A letter from the registrar of the educational

             entity confirming your current* employment


          *Where "current" is within the last six months.



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            If you use a school email, verification is automatic. As you found out, the other way is to submit your proof of eligibility. Please click on the question: How do I submit my proof of eligibility?  in the verification section at this link for details on how to submit the information:


            It is different depending on where you made your purchase and where you live.