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    Creative cloud desktop app changing active window.


      As of yesterday, if I have the creative cloud desktop app open (or in the toolbar) no matter what program I am running after about 20 seconds, my active window will suddenly become inactive.
      So for example, if I am typing in this window here for 20 seconds or so, the window will grey out and I will hear the sound from my Mac that suggests I am pressing an invalid key. I then have to hover the mouse over the window, click and continue typing.
      The only way to prevent this behaviour is to click on the settings tool in creative cloud and quit the program. Normal functionality then returns.


      This video shows the problem as it happens. Note that my mouse and trackpad are not being activated by anything - I have them isolated on the desk. Also it doesn't matter what window in what program is active - it will switch off of the active window like clockwork.


      This next video shows what happens when I quit the creative cloud app. (i.e. normal functionality.)




      Also, this image shows creative cloud in an "update loop". If i leave it open, I am getting 2-3 "You updated Creative Cloud" messages per minute.

      Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.49.01 am.png

      Anyone else having similar problems?


      iMac (late 2012)
      32GB RAM

      OSX 10.10.5
      CC(2015) LR, PS, Bridge


      Cheers - Ben