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    update on my laptop


      I cannot get InDesign to update on my laptop, any suggestions?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          We can't help without more information: Version of InDesign? Operating system? Which update, and how are you applying it? What happens when you do?

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            sellbk Level 1

            Hello Steve,

                         It is an Acer laptop using Windows 7 operating system.  The latest version, the 2015 update of InDesign will not update on the laptop.  I'm not sure what you mean when you say how are you applying it??


            The laptop appears to be updating like it has normally in the past, but when it's restarted it continues to show the older version of InDesign and when I attempt to open a saved version of a document from a flash drive that was created on my pc using the newer 2015 version, I get a message that says, 'cannot open as the version your using is older than what the document was created with' or something to that effect.  Not sure why it won't update on the laptop.  I did get it to work on the laptop by saving it onto the flash drive as a CS4 InDesign document.  But then it won't show any of the photos in the document, etc...not exactly what I want.