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    Indesign 2015 Windows 10 Crash - 1 of many fixes


      Some folks are experiencing startup crashes after updating to 2015, what worked for me was this...


      1. Start Indesign - when it crashes on load look for the loading info in the Indesign loading box.


      2. In my case it crashed on app preferences then again on "initializing"

      3. I went left it onscreen and created a dump by clicking on task manager and right clicking indesign

      4. I went to "Appdata/Roaming/Adobe/Indesign/Version 11.0/en_US and found AppPrefs

      5. Renamed AppPrefs to "AppPrefs.old" Indesign will recreate a new AppPrefs file for you so don't worry

      6. Restarted Indesign


      from all the research I did some people have success with changing other files and letting Indesign recreate it and some had luck by deleting fonts that had special characters, I tried both. Hope this helps someone and saves them 4 hours.