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    Pages too long


      I just installed the latest version - 4.03 I believe it is, and downloaded some books. When I open them, the pages are much too long for the size and shape of my monitor, and not as wide as they could be. I have set it for the smallest possible font, which is much too small for me to be able to read, but part of the page still disappears at the bottom of the screen and there is no scroll bar or anything I can use to see the text that is below the bottom of the screen.  These are ePUB files, so the menu options for PDF files which sound like they would adjust the display to make the book fit into the width and, hopefully, height of the actual screen are greyed out. I can't find anything which allows me to tell the program to fit the book to the actual size of my screen, or to tell it what size my screen is. It seems to be assuming I am trying to view the book on an e-reader of some kind, shaped like a piece of paper, when in fact I am viewing them on a laptop computer with a screen the is relatively "short" compared to its width.