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    "turning" pages


      I just downloaded the latest version. When I open a book the "frame" for the text looks pretty much like the version 2.0 I've been using, including the scroll bar at the bottom with an arrow at each end which always used to go on to the next screen/page when I would click on the arrow, or back to the previous one if I clicked the arrow on the left. In this new version clicking on the arrow takes me back and forth a whole chapter. There is nothing in this program that allows me to do any kind of setup or create defaults for what the arrows do. I can only get it to display the first page of each chapter. I have even tried typing page numbers in the "go to page" option under the "reading" menu; the page number  I type in appears to the left of the page number display at the bottom of the screen but it does not actually move from the page it was already on. Example - I am on page 8, bottom of the screen shows (8/684). I use the "go to page" feature to type in page 9, bottom of screen shows 9(8/684) and it stays on page 8. When I was installing ADE 4.03 I got an error message saying I needed Microsoft .NET Framework 4, which I downloaded, then tried the ADE install again and got no error message. Could this be what is causing the problems? They seem to be "framework" related.