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    Upgrading from 32gb to 64gb for cc 2015 to increase/core thread usage?

    arnep536264 Level 1



      On an older dual xeon (2x8 core/16 thread, e5-2665) system, and wondering if core thread utilization will improve on adding another 32 gb ram.  See that the multithreading setting has been removed from cc 2015, however wondering whether AME, Premiere, and AE will improve render times with more ram. I use ffmpeg for transcoding, but projects still need to be rendered out by Premiere and AME (painfully slow, and cpu usage rarely above 10-15%). AE at least uses the memory (memory hog), but am mostly using Premiere and AME at the moment. This is for gopro 4k footage mostly ingested as prores (win10 machine) or DNxHR.


      For the same money (around 250 usd for 32gb ddr3) I could pick up another 500 GB SSD (using a 250 gb ssd as scratch disk/source disk, exports are going to a couple of ssd-cached 'work' disks, OS and programs on another 2 ssd's).