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    Faded color (especially reds) after exporting to JPG


      Hi All,

      At the beginning I am truly sorry for potential language flaws. My English unfortunately it not that good.


      I have a problem with the look of my photos after exporting them from Lightroom (developed file from RAW ) to JPG. In my camera I have a sRGB color space set, the same in export dialog in Lightroom -sRGB.


      After exporting it I am opening the file with - standard Windows jpg viewer, Picassa ora after uploading it onto google server - Google Photos or Facebook - in all that places the jpg looks the same but not as I wished it would look like =like in develop module.


      What could be the reason? How I can make the photos look the same or at least without that major difference?


      Below I am pasting the screen shot made - develop module -top and below picassa viewer (jpg).


      thank you in advance for any help. I am very frustrated due to that problem.