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    I can not preview/publish the course. Presenter said that "Could not load XML file". Any ideas?

    Dawool Lee


      First of all, I can not use English very well, so you could have hard to understand what I talking about.

      I am using Presenter 10 now. Today I added short MP4 video on the slide and clicked the Preview, but it did not work.

      And I could only see the below pop-up box.


      So I deleted the video. After that preview worked.

      I also tried with another computer, and preview and publishing was working at that time. That means that my computer or my presenter is the problem.

      In this case, how can I find the problem and how can I fix it? (I know nothing about XML tings.)

      Any ideas?


      Thank you.


      Oh, I am using;

      Windows 7 64bit

      MS office 2013

      Presenter 10.