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    inconsistent sound position

      I'm using CS4 and Flash player 9.

      I have an voiceover sound file that I'm using to cue navigating to frames in a movie based on sound position. I'm using a toggle play/pause button to stop and start the movie and sound. When I stop the sound I'm saving the sound position and then I restart it with the sound position as an offset. This works fine in a simple movie with sound alone but in my animated movie the sound doesn't continue at the point where it left off. It starts earlier, repeating part of the track even though the numbers say it started where I stopped it.


      "Slide the cover back and remove it from the chassis"

      If I pause the sound at "remove" it should play "it from the chassis" when unpaused.

      Instead I'll get: "cover back and remove it from the chassis".

      This throws my timing off and the movie action out of sync. Has anyone else had problems working with sound position, pausing and unpausing sound?

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          raylaur Level 1
          Problem solved by copying all the frames and sound file and pasting into a new, blank document.

          Now it works as it should and even publishes faster.

          I often reuse existing Flash documents as templates for new ones - keeping the Actionscript all the same but changing content. It almost seems as if Flash builds up an accretion of sludge when reusing a file multiple times and somehow it became corrupted.