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    Adobe Flash installer is NOT Adobe software


      Last night after completing a upgrade to Windows 10, I was sent a link that looked identical to the Adobe Flash update installer.


      I download the setup.exe and installed as usual, but a couple of red flags were raised. There were lots of subprograms that I didn't want. When complete a program called MixVideoPlayer from SoftForce LLC was installed.


      The link had Adabe in it and was on the back of either www.alphr.com or www.pcadvisor.co.uk where I was reading an article before the update page appeared.


      I have a copy of the URL and the setup.exe. I have had a chat with Adobe Support and got nowhere, except directed here.


      I have reset my Windows 10 o/s but feel a re-install maybe required. Any assistance or guidance would be helpful.

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi knev,


          I'm sorry you were tricked into installing  malicious software.  Adobe does pursue these bad actors.  Please private message me the entire URL and I will forward it to our fraud department for follow-up.  If you have any screenshots, please post it here (I don't think you can include screenshots in messaging).


          What version of Flash Player are you trying to install on your Windows 10 system?  Microsoft embeds Flash Player for Internet Explorer and Edge browsers on Windows 10.  Unless you're using a different browser (e.g. Firefox or Opera) there is nothing further to install.