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    After Effects CC 2015 crashs all time !! ^^




      I am trying to figure out why my After Effects 2015.0.1 is crashing all time. I am working with PSD 3543x2480 (10 layers inside) in After Fx comp... I own an iMac 32GO ram. I haven't encounter this kind of problem, in the past, it's with the CC 2015 only !!


      First step of the problem, during a preview randomly :



      Second step after a click :




      Third Step after a click :




      And then this third message error is looping after each click until the final crash of the software, of course without any save. I Save each 10 minutes, so not so bad, but well, I am very tired.


      Maybe it's plugin, maybe I don't own enough RAM, maybe it's my PSD files, or a special association of effects.


      There is no 3D, no camera, no shadow, only 8bit color,no motion blur, just animation of PSD layer... 50 layers in total..


      If you have any tips, idea, other than reinstalling everything and increasing RAM, if there is special parameters, or options : you are WELCOMED !!